Aldo Rise – Production


Aldo Rise epitomised just how bespoke a project can be. In its simplest form it was a pop-up shop; two department store concessions which would exist for a few months, before making way for the next fashion brand.

The high level of design quality, envisioned by Pentagram partner Daniel Weil, required all aspects of the production to be individually crafted yet to come together as a whole.

A  cumulative approach was taken to unite the project, with Jardine Couture managing and integrating the various production elements, which would come together for the installation over a series of nights in Selfridges, London.

The structure of the main seating/display units were made from CNC-cut MDF, allowing a hollow carcass construction. A combination of solid and veneered oak acts as the timber finish, which once assembled was finished with additional components including solid surface material, lightweight mirror glass and leather upholstery. The ‘heel’ detail was turned from a glued block of solid oak.

Removable wall panels were laminated and CNC machined before being delivered to the printing specialist for graphic wrapping in high-quality black vinyl and white lettering. The project also involved working with metalworkers, acrylic fabricators and digital audio/visual specialists.

The successful launch led to subsequent projects for Aldo shoes and Selfridges.