Wayfinding Interpretation



A family of outdoor elements based on a consistent design language, proposed for a recent project. The public library required ideas for a scheme that could provide a story-telling trail to enrich visitor experience. Elements support interpretation/infographics, digital media and serve as architectural way-markers.

Permanent Gallery Consultancy


A recent consultancy process for a Museum/Visitor Centre that culminated in a comprehensive strategic development document.

As part of the work, Jardine Couture produced a concept design that will be used to advance plans for the venue to create a new Permanent Gallery.

The new space aims give visitors a highly-engaging experience, centred around the wealth of important archive material held by the company.

Kielder Castle Hub


Jardine Couture were selected to propose a concept scheme for the development of Kielder’s iconic castle in Northumberland.

The project presented an opportunity to explore the idea of a central hub, aimed at cyclists, mountain bikers and Forest/Water Park visitors.

Our concept design focused on providing a beacon and central meeting point/destination, through redeveloping and unifying the existing series of spaces.

Journeys with David Almond

Following a successful concept proposal, we are excited to be working on new exhibition for Seven Stories, The National Centre for Children’s Books.

The exhibition ‘Where Your Wings Were: Journeys with David Almond’ will be centred on the works of the award-winning author. The direction of the design is heavily influenced by the poignoincy, humour and extraordinariness that is prevalent in David Almond’s writings.

Currently in the stages of design development, the exhibition opens 22 June 2018 to run in line with the Great Exhibition of The North.

Work In Progress: Exhibition Project

Preview of some exhibition design work for an exciting new project in the North East. The interactive scheme will deliver a range of digital and spatial experiences as part of a larger national campaign.

Image: Spatial concept model.

Design for Architecture Office

A look at some recent schematic design work for an architecture studio sited in a Grade II* Listed building. The proposed scheme consists of large-scale furniture pieces; storage walls and bespoke desk system, produced in dark wood.

Image: 1:50 scale model.

New Instagram Account for Jardine Couture


A new dedicated account for Jardine Couture, focusing on showing exhibition projects by the company, in addition to occasional exemplary works of interest by others.

Take a look @jardine_couture here!

New Work at Northern Design Festival


New work is being shown as part of Design Event / Northern Design Festival 2017. ‘The North Collection’ is a new series of furniture pieces by Ben Couture, featuring a bench, wall hooks and new version of the CV360 shelving unit.

All pieces focus on simple sculptural forms, created from black composite panel. As objects, they offer visual interest to the environment they are placed in, playing with structure, proportion and shadows – whilst serving their purpose as functional furniture.

More about the event here, running 3-8 November 17.