New Instagram Account for Jardine Couture


A new dedicated account for Jardine Couture, focusing on showing exhibition projects by the company, in addition to occasional exemplary works of interest by others.

Take a look @jardine_couture here!

New Work at Northern Design Festival


New work is being shown as part of Design Event / Northern Design Festival 2017. ‘The North Collection’ is a new series of furniture pieces by Ben Couture, featuring a bench, wall hooks and new version of the CV360 shelving unit.

All pieces focus on simple sculptural forms, created from black composite panel. As objects, they offer visual interest to the environment they are placed in, playing with structure, proportion and shadows – whilst serving their purpose as functional furniture.

More about the event here, running 3-8 November 17.


Gibside Pavilion Video

A short video capturing the construction process of the Gibside Pavilion, by Jardine Couture. Shot as a series of stills, the assembly within the historic walled garden took place over one day.

Opened to the public on July 6th, the temporary structure will host a series of exhibitions. Read more about the design of the project here, as well as details on the National Trust website. 

Formica Group HQ


“Building upon its 100 year legacy, Formica Group’s investment is about increasing its UK market share and providing stability both in terms of pricing and manufacturing. Made in Britain is part of the support story for stability and we are pleased to help Formica Group in the provision of a network and community to help sales”.  John Pearce, Chief Executive, Made in Britain

As part of a major re-design by Contents Design, Jardine Couture have provided new furniture pieces for the Formica European headquarters.

Customised versions of the Regular John table are used within break-out spaces, along with CV Shelving System panels, produced in birch plywood with Black Formica HPL.

The project is part of a £40m investment in the North East-based HQ, which opened in June 2017.

‘Seeds’ Pavilion, Gibside


Part of an ongoing series of collaboration projects between National Trust Gibside Estate and the Interior Architecture programme at Northumbria University.

Following a range of proposals by Year 2 students for a small pavilion, structure or installation within the walled garden at Gibside, the scheme by Allard Newell was selected to be taken forward.

Bringing the project closer to realisation, Jardine Couture have been working for The National Trust to interpret the scheme, whilst engaging with Allard to retain the essence of a modular, flexible space.

Above slides show a range of work in the development of the design. More on this project soon.

Work In Progress: Mansio


Current design and development work in progress for a touring exhibition kit-of-parts. Exploring a range of lightweight materials and composites, along with simple assembly details.

See more about the Mansio story on the project website here.

NBS Exhibition Process


For the recently completed NBS Memory Box exhibition, a range of images above show parts of the process behind the exhibition design and planning.

Employing both handmade and 3D CAD modelling, to explore spatial and display ideas both at small scale and 1:1.

Completed project photos can be seen here.

Work Wrap


A fleeting glance at some projects from the past year, looking at an enjoyable variety of scales and project types.

The beginning of 2017 shows promise, with an interesting mix of design, exhibition and spatial projects set to start.