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At the very beginnings of a project, we can identify new potential by gathering insight into both the internal workings and wider cultural landscape of organisations.

Our expertise along with leading partners and consultants helps brands and arts/culture destinations to define and express their purpose and values across a range of touch-points – from digital to physical environments. 

As a design studio, our work shapes experiences based on a symbiosis of content and environment. With research and dialogue-based collaborations we focus on developing engaging solutions that consider narrative, context and user experience.


Jardine Couture offers consultancy services to help build strong cases for funding applications. We maintain an excellent track record, providing clear and purposeful Brief Definition along with future-facing Concept Design to assist funding from HLF, ACE and other sources.


Over the years we have assisted in instigating a range of working partnerships between individuals, companies, universities and NPOs. Through this and our diverse project background we have developed a far-reaching network of contacts in academia, arts, design, research, manufacturing and construction.